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EAGLE FC is born

Ex UFC lightweight, Kevin lee, signs for Eagle FC, making a big statement to the world of MMA that Eagle FC has arrived. They’ll surely be some good Eagle FC betting offers and Eagle FC Matched betting angles to take advantage of in the future!

Khabib Nurmagomedov gives MMA the 165lb division it needs

MMA and UFC betting have been given a new breath of fresh from Khabib Nurmagomedov’s recent ogranization, Eagle FC, being launched. Especially as he has sensibly given MMA a 165lb division.

This division has been yearned for by many fighter competing in 155lb, which is lightweight, the weight Cionor McGregor has most recently fought in. This 165lb division suits fighters who are too small for welterweight, yet struggle with weight cuts for 155lb. 155lb is 70kg, or 11 stone 1 pound.

Finding a fighter who has not had to endure a huge weight cut is a good strategy when considering your UFC betting picks. When tipsters offer UFC betting tips or Eagle FC betting tips this is a huge positive they take into consideration.

Eagle FC betting sportsbooks

Twenty years ago it was hard to even find MMA within sportsbooks. It was considered a subculture, despite thew MMA being around since 1993.

This lasted many years. However, the USA sportsbooks were first to introduce UFC betting lines before anyone else. It will not be long before Eagle FC betting appears, displaying Eagle FC betting offers, from the likes of BOVADA, regarded as one of the best MMA sportsbooks out there. Bovada have previously offered a wealth of UFC sportsbooks, together with a healthy welcome bonus. Click on the Bovada link to check for any Eagle FC MMA betting offers currently up for grabs.


Eagle FC Matched Betting

If you live in the USA and enjoy MMA matched betting then why not try taking the value approach as explained here in this video. You can profit within needing betting exchanges. Details found in the video below.

Fast forward to recent years, and UFC betting regularly appears in UK sportsbooks. Although the UK MMA sportsbooks are far behind the USA MMA sportsbooks, they have made a lot of progress and have now bee accepted into the limelight of betting and UFC betting offers.

Most of this is thanks to Conor McGregor. Our post in MMA Corner discusses how Conor almost single-handedly turned the UFC into a 4.4 billion dollar business. The previous owners, the Fertitta brothers, sensibly sold this and moved on.

UFC not treating their low and mid division fighters as well as they can

UFC have received a lot of criticism – mainly from salty fighters – about pay not being what it should be. I myself personally know some professional fighters, and the pay is not great. After expenses of training camps and livening expenses it probably pays less than minimum wage for the average pro fighter, but there is always the ‘hope’ of hitting the big time. Always!

How Eagle FC from Khabib Nurmagomedov may overtake UFC

It may be a long time coming, but it is not absurd to imagine Eagle FC overtaking UFC one day. It may take a while, but it is certainly possible! More and more bettors are seeing the likes of:

  • UFC betting offers
  • UFC betting bonuses
  • UFC bet boosts
  • Bellator price boosts

The same thing will happen with eagle FC betting offers. If Eagle FC do anywhere near as well as they image, we will see a plethora of offers from Eagle FC betting offers.

You see, MMA is the fastest growing sport on the globe right now, and it ain’t slowing down! Especially with the UK, the UK is generally conserved 5+ years behind the USA UFC betting lines. The UK MMA betting scene is still evolving, the UFC betting offers in UK are still int heir infancy.

Why we think Eagle FC will do better than Bellator

Eagle FC will do better than Bellator, in our opinion, largely due to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s presence. He knows how the UFC works. He knows their flaws. He knows a lot of the fighters [personally], on the UFC circuit ad of course has a huge amount of respect, as both a fighter and a person.

The above knowledge will give him an edge over the competition. He also has a huge audience iof fans in Russia, which of course, has a huge population of biased fans, unlike the heavily populated USA.

This article was written more of an archive article than anything. We predict these changes and are very excited to see how things develop. I have been an MMA fighter myself personally in the past and know how challenging this sport can be. The shelf life of an MMA fighter is fairly small. The fighters must make as much money as they can while their shelf life exists. For this reason, we feel the UFC will lose a few of their fighters to Eagle FC.

Eagle FC Betting offers

The more fighters that join Eagle FC from UFC, the more it will happen. It will become a vicious cycle. We predict the UFC will then make a bid to start paying their lower-level and mid-level fighters the amounts they deserve, but it will be a bit too late.

The above situation will then cause there to be many Eagle FC betting offers. Especially also as the USA has been fully legalised for online betting In most states in 2021. USA can now enjoy MMA Matched betting, UFC Matched betting and finally will be able to place bets on Eagle FC betting. They’ll be many offers which will enable Eagle FC arbitrage angle s and Eagle FC Matched Betting.

The future of USA Matched betting for Eagle FC Betting offers

Once the USA has their gambling tax issues sorted out, and the horse racing goes to fixed odds, USA Matched betting will be fully in flow. More Eagle FC Matche dbetting offers will be discussed on this page in due course.

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